We are a traveling bar that adapts to
any environment providing an
alternative cocktail experience.
We innovate classical and modern
drinks to give a unique touch to your
event – combining our passion and
knowledge with a talented mixologist.
We’ll make sure you have a delightful

The Bar

Your Logo or Hashtag
Built-in Ice Bin
Custom menu for your event
Previously prepared non-alcoholic drink
Luxurious bar built out of solid wood

Have a drink with us to see how Bar Nômade can enhance your event!


We’ll bring the nomad bar with the beverages, mixers,
garnishes and glassware to serve the drinks.

Our bartenders and mixologists will make sure your
guests enjoy the experience as well as the cocktails!

We serve any type of events from private parties
to corporate events, weddings or bar mitzvah’s.

we are looking forward to serving you!